Introduction to project management - FREE

What is project management? What course should I take?

Are you looking to become a project manager and wondering what project management is all about and which course to take?

What is project management In this session, we shall help you understand what is project management and how it differs from programme management. We shall also help you understand some of the key principles and practices used in project management. These principles can be applied to project management in any sector, from public sector through to financial services, construction projects and even NGOs. If you have any questions on project management, sign up and we shall discuss them during this FREE webinar. 

Which is the best course to take In this session, we shall also talk about the various types of courses available out there, including PMP, PRINCE2, and MSP. We will discuss the options available to both new entrants to the industry, those looking to switch careers, as well as those already in the industry and looking to enhance their project management skills.

Date & Time

4 February 2021

09:00 09:45 Africa/Nairobi



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